2018 State of Our Estuaries Report

Every five years (previously every three years), PREP prepares a State of Our Estuaries (SOOE) Report with extensive data and information on the status and trends of environmental indicators from the Piscataqua Region watershed and estuaries. The SOOE Report is a suite of products of varying levels of detail for the diverse audiences who rely on our work. The Environmental Data Report provides a detailed analysis of the data collected over the period, and is intended to be used by technical and policy level audiences. The SOOE Summary Report, the more commonly used report, targets a broader audience and provides an overall assessment of the health of our estuaries using 23 water quality, biological and social/management indicators. The Citizen Guide and Municipal Guide are handbooks for very specific audiences that translate science into action towards the goals of water quality improvement.

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Data Report

Municipal Guide

Citizen Guide